SEVENTEEN GLOBAL GOALS – THE SONG is an open, multidisciplinary project designed for continuation and – of course – sustainability! It’s all about spreading its message!

Therefore, if you feel inspired to do a version of the song in your own language and style or know a singer and musicians who would like to create and play their own rendition of the song, please, by all means, do get in touch! We could provide you with a playback of a certain version and you could use it to record your vocal or instrumental tracks (in good quality, please!) and return them to us for professional finishing, mixing and mastering. Individual versions are welcome too – anything that may help spread the message is of utmost importance!

It would also be possible to collaborate on versions: Languages we seek for the creation of new renditions are those of East European countries, American First Nations, Africa, Asia…

Let us hear from you!


  • You’ve created a dance for the song?
  • Your kids painted some pictures on the subject?
  • You’ve arranged some activities around the song or used it for some related subject?


Send us your photos, videos and descriptions of what you are doing and we happily post it all here!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Your Seventeen Global Goals Team

Coming Soon! Please check back later.